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Cry Junkie - Out Of Luck

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Author Topic: Cry Junkie - Out Of Luck  (Read 1023 times)
I have an unnatural hate for my own characters..
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« on: July 21, 2009, 02:32:54 pm »

When you live in a world like today, you know life isnít all peaches and cream. Humanity tries to turn a blind eye to those Ďunderground societiesí that seem to rule our streets; theyíre the reason pretty little girls donít go wandering the streets late at night all alone, theyíre the reason you donít go down that dark alley, theyíre why you have a fresh crease across your throat and youíre wallets a hell of a lot lighter. And yet, we try to go on pretending nothing is wrong. Ignore it and itíll go away? Not likely. Instead this threat grows and mutates like cancer, spreading untreated through your body. Turning everything black.

In this bitter world of blood, sex and drugs, bad things happen. And as this disease spreads to the next generation, teenagers find themselves lying numb at the end someone elseís mattress. Clinging to themselves, shaking. This is the turning point. From here, two things happen. One, the child recovers, learns from their mistakes and take the other path through life. The alternative Ė two Ė the child gets hooked to experience, they lust it. They want more.. and so they get infected with this life. And nothing can protect them from their own demise, their own destruction.

Their lives disintegrate. They leave their mothers, let them cry. Their school lives go sour, if they go at all. They have their own Ďpartiesí, much opposite the parties with innocent punch and spin the bottle. Here there is snorting and shooting, fornication and buggery. The air here is thick with sweat and smoke. The music is a dull thud, resounding in the ears of a hundred kids with dilated eyes and deluded minds. Everything wrong with the world in one house. A house that belongs to no-one, but the unsuspecting owners, wherever they may be.. an unwelcome surprise upon their return..

You are here. You are in this house. You are popping pills, snorting crack, fucking someone you donít know, passed out on the floor, bruising someone for money, for the drugs they canít pay for.. you are part of this blind spot on the ugly face of the world. And something bad is about to happen. And thereís nothing you can do about it.

You canít plot reality..


+Swearing is allowed of course, but not to be used in excess, and not at all ooc.
+Sexual intercourse between any genders is allowed, but again, not in excess or with all the gory details..
+No more than two characters per person, unless given permission by myself.
+Violence is expected, but no seriously wounding other characters, or killing, without permission from myself and the other Role-Player.
+Although the plot of this RP has been limited to one or two major events, leaving creativity to flow, I donít want stupid plot twists that solve the world, or adversely doom everyone. Minor things Ė feel free, major, or if youíre not sure Ė contact me.
+No God-modding, lime-lighting or Power-playing.
+I know this is going to be filled with the anti-social type, but keep in mind, you do have to get on with people, or your character will be completely isolated.
+Drugs, alcohol, smoking, violence and sex Ė to clarify Ė are all allowed, but not in excess, I canít stress that enough.

[b][color=crimson]They called me[/color][/b] [Name]
[b][color=crimson]But I'm known as[/color][/b] [Nickname/Alias]
[b][color=crimson]I've survived[/color][/b] [insert age] [b][color=crimson]years..[/color][/b]
[b][color=crimson]Funny enough, I'm a[/color][/b] [girl/guy]
[b][color=crimson]I'm addicted to:[/color][/b]
[b][color=crimson]I'm repulsed by:[/color][/b]
[b][color=crimson]If you know me, you know I'm like this:[/color][/b] [Personality]
[b][color=crimson]It all started here:[/color][/b] [History]
[b][color=crimson]If you've caught a glimpse of me, it would look like this..[/color][/b] [Description/or/Image]

My form:

They called me Jared Moore
But I'm known as Just Jared..
I've survived 17 years
Funny enough, I'm a Guy
I'm addicted to:
+Malboro Red
+Jack Daniels
+Guys and girls
I'm repulsed by:
+Pop music
If you know me, you know I'm like this: Jared his been made bitter and cold by his chosen lifestyle. He can't trust anyone. He's in debt to a lot of bad people, which makes him pretty paranoid. He does have a few friends, but their not really friends in the traditional sense, they're more people with common interests to his. For example, thereís Lucy, his pot-dealing friend. Or Ryan, another dealer, who's always up for a good time. Amanda, she always knows where the best parties are. There are only a few reasons to keep these people around, to get laid, to get out, to get a hit. Jared has a one track mind, the few times he thinks ahead are when he's in trouble and weighing options, or when he's wondering where his next hit will be coming from. He still lives with his parents, although he's always either in his room or out somewhere. He does occasionally go to school, but that's usually only to get away from his parents. He starts most mornings with a coffee and a hangover. He's a thief, a smooth-talker and a complete Junkie. He would be doing well at school if he applied himself, because he is quite smart. He's just stopped caring though.
It all started here: With his first time, with a guy. Clinging to an old pillow at the age of 14, feeling used and violated. Staring wide-eyed at the snoring figure of his rapist.. that's what it was, practically rape, despite his consenting. Faced with the same choice as many, but maybe younger than some, he decided not to go back. Sitting in the foetal position, right there, right then. He changed his life for the worst, as he pulled a cigarette from the trouser pocket of the other guy. And stifling a cough.. his life has never been the same again. Embarking on a sudden down-hill fall into the ugly pit of the earth, Jared found himself involved in all the wrong things, and yet he just indulged, never once thinking of the consequences.. It's hard to tell now if he has any regrets. He's just a stone.
If you've caught a glimpse of me, it would look like this.. He is just that little bit taller than most boys his age, well actually, heís quite a bit taller, but he tries to hide it by hunching over, and because he does this so much, he has a permanently hunched back. He is also very pale, he tends not to get a lot of sunlight. His face is very pointed and seems to be an arrangement of sharp angles. From his straight nose, to his sharp thin lips and triangular jaw. His eyes are the only exception, being large and wide, and the deepest shade of blue. He seems to have abnormally long lashes which give him a feminine appearance, he accentuates this with the odd application of thick black eyeliner from time to time; but this only draws attention to the dark bags under his eyes.
Jared has a crushed brown-sugar sprinkle of freckles across his cheeks and his lips are chapped and a pale pink. As he is shockingly thin a bony, his ribs jut out painfully, the white of the bone almost visible through his thin flesh. Jared tends to wear black skinny jeans, and dark slim-fit tees. His normal attire also consists of a black heavy jacket with a white fur-trim hood, which he insists goes with everything, as well as his trusty pair of heavy black boots. Many people judge him plainly on his hair. No, itís not a mad Mohawk or died fifty different colours, itís actually just itís natural dark black/brown, but he wears it just below his chin; itís wavy and straggly and hasnít been brushed for a long time, and hangs down over his face in a maze of rat-tails and dead-ends.
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Thunder!!! Lightning!! STRIKE!!!!....i kill you!!!

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« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2009, 02:56:10 pm »

They called me Mark Tellfore
But I'm known as Seifer
I've survived 17 years[color]
Funny enough, I'm a guy
I'm addicted to:
  • Cars and Racing
  • Unhealthy foods
  • Computer Games
  • Singing and drumming
  • Girls
I'm repulsed by:
  • Spiders
  • Healthy foods
  • Pink, fluffy stuff
  • Being alone
  • Guys who try to chat him up
If you know me, you know I'm like this: Mark tends to be a cool customer most of the time when he's alone, able to stay calm and collective even in extremely dire situations. Most people who see him for the first time would think of him to be a cold hearted, self-centered person, but he's actually the complete opposite, being very war-hearted, and always putting his friends and loved ones before himself. He can sometimes however have a bit of a short fuse, and it's best to stay out of his way if he's angry. When he's either Drumming or Singing, he becomes more relaxed, and more audience-friendly, so to speak.
It all started here: Mark lived with his parents for five peaceful years, however, his parents were killed when Mark accidentally set his own house on fire, though Mark was able to get out somehow, but he watched his parents die in the fire, a memory that still sometimes traumatizes him. he lived with his Uncle until he was 16, and he now lives on his own in an appartment. he likes to practice drumming, singing, or his driving skills in his spare time, and he takes special care of his car, which is a 1997 Toyota Supra.
If you've caught a glimpse of me, it would look like this.. Mark
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I have an unnatural hate for my own characters..
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« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2009, 03:22:50 pm »

Thanks for joining.

Welcome to ground zero..
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~:Lost in Wonderland:~
Welcome to Wonderland
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We're all a little Mad here~

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« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2009, 06:25:48 pm »

They called me Hanasaki Yasau
But I'm known as Hana, Saki, Sau
I've survived seventeen years..
Funny enough, I'm a girl
I'm addicted to:
- Fooling people
- Being Accepted
- Being Hated
- Doing what she's told not to do
- Breaking the rules
I'm repulsed by:
- People who don't Accept her
- Getting startled
- Being bound to anyone or anything unwillingly
- Messy or sloppy food
- Bad smells
If you know me, you know I'm like this: Hanasaki is an energentic and untierable person. She can go on for hours on practically nothing, give her coffee and just sit back and watch. Her logic is odd, people think she's stupid. "If they can't love me, then Hate is just as good! Either way they're always thinking about me!!" is her way of getting over a crushed crush. First impressions of Hanasaki are rarely good. She does her best to annoy people. Annoying people is her first of many tests, because she can't just open her heart to anyone. She's also the sort of person who lie her way out of murder.
It all started here: Hanasaki was one of those people who never could fit in. It wasn't that she wasn't social it was mostly her parantage and appearance. Born with brilliant blonde hair and brown almost red eyes she always attracted attention. Her parents seperated when she was five and her father and her moved to Japan. Eventually her father settled down with a Japanese woman who became Hanasaki's step-mum, but all the while. Hanasaki was either praised and hurt for her good looks, or feared because they didn't realize she was a half. When her father was called in to pick up his daughter he was surprised to see a cheerfully smiling young girl covered with wounds. "They didn't like me, but to be hated is just as good as being loved right Papa? That's the way it's always been." She had said cheerfully. Her father hadn't just been called in because she was hurt but because the teachers were worried about how it had affected her mentally. After she entered high school she hadn't made any friends. And she never seemed phased she just smiled happily in a world of her own.

Her father contacted her birth mother and a few days later she arrived to pick the girl up. From their Hanasaki was moved out of Japan to live with her English speaking mother. Nothing seemed to change from the time before she still was the same as always, not desiring to be liked on the outside, "Love or Hate whichever you want to do is fine, I'll accept either!" Practically became her motto.
If you've caught a glimpse of me, it would look like this.. Hanasaki

I may make a male character~
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The Mad Hatter rules the Aces
The Queen of Hearts rules the Hearts
The Cheshire Cat rules the Diamonds
The Watch Maker rules the Spades

Hearts hate Diamonds but love Spades and Aces Hate everyone who isn't useful to them.
I have an unnatural hate for my own characters..
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« Reply #4 on: July 22, 2009, 05:36:47 am »

Thanks for joining =]

Welcome to ground zero..
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