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Title: Rules
Post by: AlisuRabbit on July 12, 2009, 11:48:04 am
Hello and welcome to Role-Play Centre. There are a few rules that you must follow. If you don't follow these rules you will get a formal warning. If you get more three formal warnings in 28 days you will be banned for a week.

1. Swearing and cursing is allowed, but don't abuse this privilege. Don't make people feel bad. If someone asks you to stop saying something then stop saying it.

2. Sexual intercourse is allowed, try not to be having sex with eachother all the time. Sex allowed between every sex. BoyXGirl, BoyXBoy and GirlXGirl.

3. Fighting and weapons are allowed. Killing other players unless you are given permission is not allowed. Permission via PM is not viable. If you are PMed permission and you kill someone you are still to blame.

4. No Godmodding, except in certain circumstances. If someone gives you permission, see above for details on permission. If someone has been banned and it is needed that their character is to be used PM an Admin and they will give someone permission to Godmod the character.

5. Do not own more than three characters in each Role-Play. An RP may request that people are allowed less than three but unless there is a Special Event Role-Play made by an Admin there can be no more than three characters.

Thank You,
AlisuRabbit.  ;)